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Chinese Medicine is not a one size fits all type of medicine. Patients may find the treatment experience is more personal and therefore it is important to find a practitioner that resonates with you.

What makes Holistic Zen unique?  

  1. We value patient care more than seeing a large volume of patients.  
  2. We provide a natural and holistic guide to optimizing hormones without the side effects of medications, surgery or invasive procedures.  
  3. We believe all women should have access to affordable resources & knowledge to make educated choices and develop healthy habits for glowing and fertile bodies.
  4. Holistic Zen also specializes in oncology & autoimmune conditions and is a great option for women interested in natural and holistic ways to support healing.  
  5. If you have insurance, Holistic Zen is in network with several United Healthcare and Optum plans making the cost of acupuncture more affordable, verify benefits here.  Flex spending and health spending accounts can be used for any of our services as well.  We are happy to provide a super bill for you to submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement if we are not in network with your insurance company.
  6. We offer a wide variety of services focused on women's reproductive health, oncology care, and autoimmune support including acupuncture, therapeutic yoga, dietary support & herbal therapy customized to each patient providing a unique and deeply relaxing experience each visit.  
  7. Our peaceful office provides the perfect setting as you unwind on a heated treatment table, listen to relaxing music and receive a treatment catered to your needs.  
  8. In addition to our holistic office treatments, labs can be ordered & interpreted including but not limited to comprehensive blood work, female/male hormonal panels, stool & food sensitivity tests.  These valuable resources give you greater insight into your health and allows us to make a focused treatment plan catered to your individual needs.






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