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Functional Medicine & Acupuncture Visits: if you are a new patient we recommend a functional lab testing consultation for your first visit to determine if any tests should be run prior to developing your treatment plan.  After we receive your labs, a follow up appointment to interpret your labs and discuss your treatment plan is highly recommended.  You can also book an initial acupuncture consultation and treatment which includes an in-depth explanation of how Eastern medicine works in general, and specifically how it can benefit you.  An expansive health history overview and diagnostic questioning will be taken.  An acupuncture treatment catered to your needs will be given while you unwind on a heated treatment table and listen to relaxing music.  Nutritional consultation and lifestyle recommendations are also included as well as an herbal consultation if appropriate.  Infrared or red light therapy can be added to this service.  

Therapeutic Yoga: treatments are done on the massage table and include restorative/gentle yoga, breath work, meditation, and soothing music (acupuncture, infrared, or red light therapy can be added to this service).  

Rejuvenation Facial (Micro-Needling and/or Nano-Needling): Wash your face thoroughly before your treatment and do not wear makeup.  Avoid blood thinning products like fish oil or aspirin 3 days prior to treatment and 24 hours after treatment.  The treatment will be done on a massage table.  Micro-needling is not appropriate when acne is actively infectious/inflamed, you are pregnant, have a local infection such as warts or herpes zoster, have moderate to severe skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis, any blood clotting disorders or if you are taking anticoagulant drugs, have keloid scars or severe tendency to scar, as well as those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments.  Post treatment your skin may appear red for 8-12 hours (pure aloe gel can be helpful in alleviating temporary redness).  For 24 hours after your treatment avoid exercise, sun/wind/dust exposure & makeup plus wash your face with warm water only (no soap).  If your face feels dry use hyaluronic acid as needed and especially before bed.  You can resume your normal beauty routine 24 hours after your treatment.  Be aware the week after your treatment products will have a much greater absorption rate (be sure to use clean minimally processed products, we can give you recommendations if necessary).  It will take two weeks to see full benefits from one session.  You must wait 1 month until receiving your next micro-needling facial.  This treatment includes red light therapy and infrared therapy so read below:

Red Light Therapy/Infrared: Treatments are done on the massage table.  You can be fully clothed for infrared therapy but red light therapy needs to be aimed at exposed skin.  Avoid alcohol and increase hydration before and after treatment.  Do not receive treatment when actively infectious (sick).  Avoid with high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular issues or pace makers.  It's best to avoid with pregnancy, chemotherapy or radiation.  If you are taking prescription drugs or apply citrus based essential oils that make you more photosensitive avoid treatment.  Avoid with any skin conditions such as porphyria where UV light may trigger symptoms.  Avoid red light therapy with dirty skin or makeup, always clean your face prior to your session.  

ACUGLOW Facial: Wash your face thoroughly before your treatment and do not wear makeup.  This service is not appropriate if you have had derma fillers within the past 3 months, botox treatment within one month, active/inflamed skin or contagious diseases such as Shingles, as well as severe migraines or Bell's Palsy.  The facial starts with 20 minutes of acupuncture to calm the nervous system and prepare the body for treatment as well as red light therapy on the face which can be catered to your skin care goals. The treatment is done on a chakra gem stone infrared mat that emits deep heat and negative ions perfect for addressing chronic pain/inflammation, moving stagnant lymph/toxins, and relaxing the mind & body.  Acupressure, a rejuvenating cleanser, & a sculpting oil  are then applied to the face/chest prior to receiving gua sha (a technique utilizing a smooth stone to gently massage the skin) & silicone cupping.  The facial releases toxins from the skin & supports lymphatic function, hydrates skin, disperses hyperpigmentation, reduces the size of enlarged pores, increases oxygen-rich blood flow, strengthens connective tissue, stimulates the cells responsible for collagen production, releases muscle tension, relieves sinus congestion, increases product absorption, reduces puffiness, minimizes wrinkles and fine lines, and balances and regulates oil production.  

General Guidelines: Holistic Zen is transitioning to electronic health records. New & existing patients will receive an email to register your account and sign policy & health intake forms. Please fill out online prior to your appointment.  Payment is collected before or at time of service (invoices sent prior to your appointment and can be paid online).  If applicable, please bring records of any medications and/or supplements you take as well as your insurance card and  wear loose comfortable clothing.  Please make sure you’ve eaten a light meal before receiving your treatment.  Finally, see below for important protocols for our office:

• If you have tested positive for COVID, have exhibited any of the symptoms, or have been exposed to someone who has,  you can schedule telemedicine appointments but cannot be seen in the office

• Cash payments or insurance copays must be paid prior to treatment 

• Leave all personal belongings in your car including purses/wallets/sunglasses

• Extra time between patients will be observed to allow time for proper sanitization of the office


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