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New Online Course: Your 10 Step Guide to Optimize Fertility & Menstrual Health

Learn 10 natural and holistic steps to optimize hormones without the side effects of medications, surgery or invasive procedures.  This is an  affordable resource full of information to help you make educated choices and develop healthy habits for a glowing fertile body.  Ideal for any menstruating woman wanting to enhance her health, balance her hormones, and understand her unique body. 

This video series can be incredibly helpful for women interested in getting pregnant and it is also informative for those interested in avoiding pregnancy! 

The course includes: foundational knowledge, dietary recommendations, hormone balancing recipes, instruction on incorporating energy medicine such as acupressure, tai chi, and breathing exercises into your daily routine, stress management techniques and ways to transform your mindset, actionable steps to reduce toxin exposures and help blood sugar balance, guidelines on specific labs to run depending on your unique results after completing included assessments, supplementation support, information on tracking your menstrual cycle, and exercise recommendations as well as a restorative yoga class

The combination of foundational knowledge, food, energy medicine, reflection, toxin reduction, blood sugar balance, correct lab testing/interpretation, appropriate supplementation, accurate tracking of your cycle, and exercise specific to you can be transformative on your path to wellness especially in regards to hormonal balance!

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