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Simple & Delicious Recipes for Healing

by | Jun 12, 2017 | No Comments

Patients can experience profound healing by eating according to the principles of traditional Chinese nutrition.

Check out the  Yin Yang Diet website, where Canadian acupuncturist Tara Akuna offers meal plans composed of healing foods to help you correct your particular imbalances.  She addresses the most common traditional Chinese medicine patterns of imbalance: Qi Deficiency, Dampness, Blood Deficiency, Liver Qi Stagnation, and Yin Deficiency.  All recipes have gluten-free options and many vegetarian choices which are quick and easy to prepare.  The ingredients can easily be found in your local grocery store or farmer's market.

You can ask me at your next visit which pattern of imbalance most applies to you, or you can take the quiz on Tara's website to find out which foods would be most healing and nourishing for you. 

Here is an example of one of her creations helpful in expelling dampness from the body:

Pineapple Ginger Green Smoothie

This is great for a quick breakfast or snack. Be sure to drink at room temperature to protect your digestive “fire”. Consuming a lot of smoothies can impair digestion, so keep these to a minimum of about twice weekly.  Excess dampness can be seen in patient's with sinus issues with mucus, ovarian cysts, cystic acne, oily hair, mucus in the stool, or bloating.


– 2 servings

2 cups pineapple chunks

1 small handful of kale (about 1 cup)

2 tsp chunk of ginger, leave the skin on (or more if you like it spicy)

2 cups water or pure coconut water



Place all ingredients into a high powered blender, turn on high for 30 seconds or until it’s smooth and well combined. 

Pour into a glass and let it become room temperature before consuming; which is much better for digestion.

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